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I’m a Featured Speaker at SaaS Open 2024

SaaS Open 2024 is a premier tech event featuring Michael C. Bertoni as a speaker. The blog highlights the event's networking opportunities, and learning sessions, and unveils our 5-step hyper-targeting strategy for talent acquisition. Check out the 15% promo code for Early Bird tickets and the release of Michael's free book that delves deeper into our commitment to excellence in talent acquisition at SaaS Open 2024.

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I’m a Featured Speaker at SaaS Open 2024

The 5-Step Proven Hyper-targeting Strategy to Recruit Top Talent

SaaS leaders, founders, and entrepreneurs: I wanted to share some exciting news as we gear up for the SaaS Open 2024 event in Austin: Michael C. Bertoni, Founder-CEO of SaaS Talent, takes center stage at SaaS Open 2024 in Austin, TX, on March 28th-29th.

SaaS Open 2024 is about powering your growth and network. Get ready to network, learn, and discover game-changing strategies – just like the one I'll be speaking on. More below, make sure to keep reading.

A Premier Tech Event Not to be Missed

SaaSOpen 2024, the pinnacle event for over 1,000 SaaS and technology leaders, promises an exhilarating experience in Austin, Texas, on March 28th and 29th. Featuring 110 speakers and concise twenty-minute keynotes, this event is a must-attend for professionals seeking actionable tactics to propel their businesses forward.

SaaS Open is not just an event; it’s a powerhouse of opportunities for the SaaS community as it brings together the most brilliant and successful SaaS leaders, CEOs, founders, and venture capitalists for a unique experience that can significantly impact your business growth.

Why Attend SaaS Open?

This premier event offers insights, workshops, and networking opportunities tailored for SaaS and tech leaders.

  1. Networking Powerhouse

SaaS Open is your ticket to meaningful connections. Rub shoulders with industry leaders, exchange ideas, and open doors to collaborations and partnerships that matter.

  1. Learn from the Pros

Gain insights from successful founders who've been there, done that. SaaS Open is your chance to tap into a wealth of knowledge that can transform your business strategy.

  1. Build Lasting Connections

It's not just about collecting business cards – SaaS Open is designed for forging genuine, lasting connections. Grow your support network and connect with like-minded industry leaders.

  1. Interactive Learning Sessions, Keynotes, and Exclusive Networking Opportunities

Engaging presentations, interactive sessions, and a lively atmosphere make it a unique and enjoyable learning experience.

- Quiet Spaces for 1 on 1’s.

- Fast-paced 20-minute Keynotes: Top founders reveal tactics, data, and strategies they've never shared before. TedX and interview style. Live Q/A.

- Workshops: Teach and learn from other founders in 10-person roundtables.

- Sharktank for SaaS - Live: Watch founders try and get a deal done live on stage with 3 buyers/investors.

- Make Friends With SaaS Founders Doing $50M+: After the headline keynotes speak, they’ll do private 30-minute breakout sessions in the VIP lounge. Spend 1 on 1 time with top SaaS founders. (check out for more info on this -

- Host your mini-event: The perfect way for you to organize a dinner, breakfast, or morning group run.

Fueling Your Company's Growth:

Attending SaaS Open isn't just about gathering information – it's about positioning your company for growth. Connect with a diverse mix of attendees, from seasoned industry veterans to emerging leaders, and discover opportunities for innovation, collaboration, and even potential investments.

"Hyper-targeting talent has been my calling card since I started in sales in 1999. I created SaaS Talent over 9 years ago based on my passion for lead generation. Hyper-targeting is a philosophy based on hunting down exact fit talent for SaaS and tech companies."

- Michael C. Bertoni | Founder and CEO | SaaS Talent

Check out the Video!

Visit the SaaS Open 2024 website and watch the video at the top. You'll spot a familiar face in the first 8 seconds – mine.

In summary, SaaS Open is an investment in your company and your network. The connections, knowledge, and experiences gained here are invaluable assets that can propel your business forward. Join me at SaaS Open 2024 in Austin, and let's shape the future of the SaaS industry together.

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Michael Bertoni as a Featured Speaker At SaaS Open

I am honored to announce I’ll be a speaker at SaaS Open 2024. My talk will focus on the best, battle-tested, way to find talent for your SaaS or Tech company, “The 5-Step Proven Hyper-targeting Strategy To Recruit Top SaaS Talent." This strategy, honed through over 25 years of working with SaaS companies, is a comprehensive approach to identifying, attracting, and securing top talent for your organization.

Key Book and Speech Highlights:

The 5-Step Proven Hyper-Targeting Strategy To Recruit Top SaaS Talent

Step 1: Understanding Exact Fit Job Requirements

With two and a half decades of SaaS and tech experience, SaaS Talent knows exact-fit requirements like no other. Examples, case studies, and a thorough grasp of clients' demands enable them to build unique talent solutions and hire people quickly.

Step 2: Writing an Exciting Job Requirement

Recognizing the competitiveness of the job market, Bertoni advises crafting job requirements that not only meet the criteria but also excite potential candidates. An engaging job description written in a Press Release format is the first step to attracting top-tier talent.

Step 3: Launching the Job

SaaS Talent recommends a multi-pronged approach to job launch, leveraging 20 different job boards, LinkedIn, Google, personal networks, and their warm bench of candidates. Casting a wide net increases visibility and maximizes the chances of reaching the right candidates.

Step 4: Dataset of Candidates

Building a comprehensive dataset of exact-fit candidates is the cornerstone of effective recruitment. Bertoni emphasizes the importance of creating a pool of potential hires who are actively working and meet the client’s requirements before initiating hyper-targeting campaigns.

Step 5: Hyper-Targeting Campaign

The culmination of the strategy lies in hyper-targeted campaigning. Leveraging LinkedIn, email, text, and phone outreach, SaaS Talent ensures that the right candidates are not just found but engaged and hunted effectively. Michael Bertoni will explain the massive difference between “hyper-targeted candidates" and "applying candidates."

Exclusive Promo Code

To sweeten the deal, Bertoni is offering a 15% discount on Early Bird pricing at SaaS Open, making this transformative event even more accessible to everyone.

SaaS Open and I wanted to show our appreciation for your dedication to the SaaS community, hence, I wanted to share with you an exclusive 15% off promo code on Early Bird Tickets for SaaS Open 2024. Simply use the promo code: SAASTALENTMB24 when you’re buying your tickets for SaaS Open to get your discount. Attending is investing in your company’s growth, and I'm really excited that I get to support that through my promo code.

I’m Releasing My FREE Book

I’m excited to announce the upcoming release of our book, delving deeper into the strategies outlined in my talk at SaaS Open. This will equip you with valuable insights, empowering you to refine your hiring strategy, foster company growth, and elevate your team's success. My book is free - do you want a copy? Reach out to me on LinkedIn! (My link is further below in the blog). It’s available both in physical and digital formats.

I’ll be giving a complimentary print and digital copy of the book "The 5-Step Proven Hyper-Targeting Strategy To Recruit Top SaaS Talent” out for free at SaaSOpen 2024, delving deeper into Bertoni's strategies.

It's my way of giving back to the incredible SaaS community and helping you scale your talent game. SaaS Talent's commitment to excellence in talent acquisition is further exemplified by the release of this new book at SaaSOpen 2024. This invaluable resource extends the event's impact beyond the two days in Austin, providing a comprehensive guide to recruiting and hyper-targeting top SaaS talent.


As SaaS leaders, executives, and founders are getting together at SaaS Open 2024, I invite you to join us in this event of knowledge-sharing, networking, and growth. Let's create lasting impacts and connections for our businesses. I look forward to connecting with you at SaaS Open!

About SaaS Talent

SaaS Talent delivers transformative talent acquisition and recruitment solutions for SaaS and tech companies using resources in the United States and Latin America. Founded by Michael C. Bertoni in 2015, SaaS Talent leverages 9+ years of direct experience with 100+ companies using proven strategies to redefine recruitment excellence.

Want to learn more about SaaS Talent and my passion for helping SaaS companies? Check out my website at and set up a meeting with me. Thanks!

About SaaSOpen 2024

SaaSOpen 2024 is a leading event for SaaS and technology leaders, offering valuable insights and fostering connections within the industry. The event features keynotes, workshops, and networking opportunities designed to elevate businesses and professionals in the SaaS and tech landscape.

About Michael C. Bertoni

Bertoni, the visionary behind SaaS Talent, brings over 25 years of passionate experience and a proven track record of transforming talent acquisition and business development initiatives for SaaS and tech companies.

Connect with Michael on LinkedIn: LinkedIn Profile.



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Note: The first 8 seconds of the video on the main page at SaaSOpen 2024 features Michael C. Bertoni endorsing SaaSOpen 2024.


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