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Hyper-targeting Stories: How SaaS Talent Helped Hire 30+ People at (Top 1% Talent)

SaaS Talent played a pivotal role in fueling's growth, overcoming staffing challenges, and driving success in the SaaS Supply Chain industry. Want to learn how? Well, let's get into it...

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In the SaaS space, finding the right talent is directly linked to the success or failure of a SaaS or Tech company. One success story that stands out is our collaboration with, a leading SaaS Supply Chain company founded by Brian Glick. is a SaaS supply chain company with 15 years of experience. Specializing in streamlining supply chains, they recognized the challenges faced by global retailers, freight shippers, logistics providers, and software vendors in integration processes. To address this, developed an integration platform that bridges the gap between existing systems, including legacy and home-grown ones. They’re on a mission to enable seamless connectivity across the supply chain, empowering businesses to focus on efficient freight movement and superior customer service.

The Challenge:, like many companies in the industry, faced significant challenges in scaling its team to keep pace with the growing demand for its services. They were navigating tricky staffing challenges, struggling to find individuals who not only met their technical requirements but also aligned with their industry and domain —SaaS supply chain talent is not that common— The need was pressing, and they sought a partner who could go beyond the basics to help them overcome these talent challenges.

Our Involvement:

Our business, SaaS Talent, is a strategic partner in solving talent acquisition challenges. After 9+ years in business, and with 25+ years of experience working with SaaS and tech companies, we understand the nuances of the SaaS industry and recognize the importance of finding candidates who could contribute not only to the technical aspects but also align with the innovative spirit at Leveraging our expertise, we took on the responsibility of hiring over 30 individuals for


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The Results:

Our collaborative efforts contributed significantly to the growth of's team and the overall success of their business. The metrics speak for themselves – a marked increase in project efficiency, faster time-to-market for new features, and a strengthened workforce that aligned seamlessly with the company's goals.

Brian Glick, Founder and CEO of, shared his perspective, stating, "SaaS Talent is a great partner. They go beyond the basics to help us think through tricky staffing challenges and bring fresh ideas to the table at every opportunity." This testimonial reflects the dedication we bring to the table – not just filling positions, but strategically enhancing our clients' teams.


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About SaaS Talent:

At SaaS Talent, we take pride in being more than just a recruitment agency. Our approach goes beyond traditional hiring. We understand the intricacies of the SaaS industry and the importance of finding talent that not only meets technical requirements but also aligns with the unique cultures of our clients.

SaaS Talent is committed to being the catalyst that propels companies like towards their goals. As we continue to contribute to the growth of our clients, we look forward to more opportunities to fuel success in SaaS companies that need to hire talent.


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