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Hyper-targeting Stories: How SaaS Talent Helped Transform ActivateOS with Top 1% Tech Talent

Discover how SaaS Talent's top 1% tech talent elevated Activate OS, driving growth and innovation in the construction tech industry.

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"SaaS Talent helped us find out the best fit for our roles. The candidates that they delivered to us started contributing towards the role within 2-3 days. SaaS Talent not only delivers high-quality candidates but also their candidates are well trained in the nuances of the role. Their internal screening criteria really filter the best talent from the market, their filtered candidates only need a few meetings before we can onboard them."

- Brian Giamo - Co-Founder - The Activate Company - Construction Software


The construction tech industry is tough and competitive, and having the right team makes the difference between sustained growth and failure. Activate OS, an industry leader, faced significant challenges as they were lacking key individuals on their team. In this blog, we will delve into the obstacles they encountered, SaaS Talent’s fast and custom talent acquisition solution, and the transformative impact it had on Activate OS's growth.

About ActivateOS:

Activate is a B2B SaaS company offering Activate OS, an integrated operating system for efficient co-equipment management. It maximizes equipment performance by consolidating data into a single dashboard. Customizable and non-disruptive, Activate OS is used by fleet owners for multi-brand management and by dealers, rental companies, and OEMs to enhance customer experiences.

Challenges Faced by Activate OS:

Activate OS, like many companies, encountered growth impediments stemming from the absence of critical team members. Without the right talent, projects faced delays, and achieving business goals seemed like an uphill battle. The construction tech space demands expertise, and the void in their team was hindering Activate OS from realizing its full potential.

SaaS Talent's Solution:

SaaS Talent focuses on sourcing the top 1% of talent in the US and Latin America. Recognizing Activate OS's challenges, we swiftly initiated a tailored recruitment process to identify and onboard three indispensable individuals for their team. Our commitment to providing high-quality candidates ensured that Activate OS found the perfect fit for their roles.


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Value Added to Activate OS:

The impact of SaaS Talent's intervention was not just felt in the swift recruitment process but also in the immediate contributions of the newly hired individuals. Activate OS experienced a seamless integration of talent into their projects, with the new team members making significant contributions within a mere 2-3 days.


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Metrics of Success:

The true testament to our success lies in the measurable improvements Activate OS witnessed post-hiring. From revenue growth to project acceleration, the impact was tangible. The carefully screened candidates, trained in the nuances of their roles, translated to efficient workflows and faster project completion. Activate OS not only met their business goals but exceeded them, setting new benchmarks in their industry.


Having the right team is non-negotiable. SaaS Talent's collaboration with Activate OS not only addressed immediate hiring needs but also propelled them toward sustained growth and innovation. By delivering the top 1% of talent, we didn't just fulfill a requirement; we a became strategic talent partner for Activate OS and a big player in their success story, showcasing the transformative power of strategic talent acquisition.


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