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Our Network - An Essential Part of the Hiring Differentiation Index

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Michael C. Bertoni, Founder and CEO of PhillyTech sat down with Consumer51’s Justin Butler, Director of Strategic Development, to discuss PhillyTech’s network strength, another critical component of the Hiring Differentiation Index (HDI). 

PhillyTech is an industry leader in assisting Software as a Service (SaaS), and Hi-Tech companies hire talent, generate leads, and drive sales. This is the fourth blog in a series introducing the Hiring Differentiation Index and why it’s critical for SaaS and Hi-Tech companies.

Justin: We are back again with Mr. Mike Bertoni from PhillyTech. Mike, good to talk to you again!

Mike: Great to talk to you, Justin. Fantastic to be connected with you and Consumer 51.

Justin: We've talked a lot about the Hiring Differentiation Index and how network strength is one of its pillars. What kind of network are we talking about here?

Mike: PhillyTech has over 21,000 LinkedIn first connections. Everybody on the team can find and target more people for our SaaS and high-tech clients. When you're recruiting within your organization, network strength is critical. If you're hiring talent, you have to be focused on hyper-targeting; another important step of our Hiring Differentiation Index. 

Justin: So we're talking over 350 million people roughly.

Mike: From engineers to support staff, the PhillyTech team has segments and datasets for 350 million people. Many recruiting firms do not start with hyper-targeting datasets of such size. As a result, many recruiters are using outdated methods in order to procure talent. The larger your pool, the better your chances of finding talent. 

Justin: That's an incredibly high level of connection, and I know that your network is not only expansive but highly curated as well. Can you tell us more about how you achieved that? 

Mike: 24 years of expertise in SaaS and high tech have led to many connections throughout the industry, which helps understand the value of effective hiring. Part of the philosophy that we have at PhillyTech is to be a go-giver. So when we meet someone who expresses the direction they would like to grow; we always have candidates to introduce them to. There is great value in these connections.

Justin: You've talked about the difference between a network and an active network. What are you doing to keep implementing active networks? Why is that important?

Mike: Maintaining consistent activity on LinkedIn. As well as keeping active relationships through regular meetings. This ensures that we're continuously growing our trusted network.

Justin: I can already vouch for it. My own searches went up tenfold once we got connected. My second connections went up just from knowing you. Connecting with PhillyTech is the right move for businesses wanting to grow their network. 

Anything else you want to say about potential clients who would love to tap into your expansive network? 

Mike: PhillyTech possesses an open secret called “Communities of Interest”, where we consider and analyze active social groups. We use this data to leverage events within extended communities. These communities come from various social platforms like Slack, Linkedin, and Facebook, to name a few. 

Justin: It sounds to me like connecting with PhillyTech is the right move for SaaS and high-tech businesses wanting to grow their network.

Mike: It is imperative to establish these networks. The best way to take advantage of these results is to schedule a meeting with our team and let us prove why PhillyTech is a leader for SaaS and high tech.


Connect with Michael C. Bertoni on LinkedIn. If you would like to learn more about how SaaS Talent can help your SaaS or Hi-Tech business, set up a Free Strategy Session with us by clicking here, or set up a meeting using the calendar below.

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