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Team Strength & People - An Essential Element of the Hiring Differentiation Index

PhillyTech CEO, Michael C. Bertoni, discusses the importance of team strength, another critical component of the Hiring Differentiation Index (HDI).

Michael C. Bertoni, Founder and CEO of PhillyTech, sat down with Consumer51’s Justin Butler, Director of Strategic Development, to discuss the importance of team strength, another critical component of the Hiring Differentiation Index (HDI). 

PhillyTech is an industry leader in assisting Software as a Service (SaaS), and Hi-Tech companies hire talent, generate leads, and drive sales. This blog is the third blog in a series introducing the Hiring Differentiation Index and why it’s critical for SaaS and Hi-Tech companies.

Team Strength Interview 

Justin: Let’s discuss team strength today within the Hiring Differentiation Index and precisely what it is and why people should care. Mike, can you talk specifically about why this is critical to the HDI?

 Mike: First, the people we hire have to have an entrepreneurial mindset; the number one thing we hire for on our team is entrepreneurs. We find that entrepreneurs have passion, energy, drive, and determination. So when we're hiring people on our team, those are the characteristics we consider. We're not looking for your average performers. 

Those people then go through specific methodology training, which includes how to market and help our clients succeed. This methodology serves as the foundation. In addition, we have a team of SaaS and Hi-Tech domain experts who further educate potential candidates in these areas.

Justin: When you mentioned methodology, would you say that is an extra skill set that sets your team apart?

Mike: A lot of the things that we do directly relate to hyper-targeting, which is part of the methodology that we teach within our organization. Hyper-targeting isn't just one aspect; it's a series of steps that we teach all of our team members. It’s how to become an expert in spotting the exact fit for a role in a specific company. 

Everyone on the team is learning our method of messaging, headhunting, hyper-targeting, and how to optimize the hiring process. Our methodology provides the client and the candidate with an excellent experience. During this education, our team learned to work collaboratively. 

Justin: It sounds like the ability to communicate is an essential skill set for your team. Would you say that’s correct?

Mike: Absolutely, communicating and talking to the right people. Another excellent team strength of ours is that we have people in multiple time zones doing this work. 

Along with the PhillyTech regional team, we have teams in India, Thailand, and South America who are available 24/7, to work on our proven methods. We have resources working around the clock to help our clients find talent.

Justin: So it's the ability to coordinate and never turn off this methodology. Is that the consistent effort that keeps the machine rolling?

Mike: Yes, another team strength is that everybody is very metrics-driven. For example, one of the responsibilities of our headhunters is to target 60 good candidates each day, and that's just the baseline! 

Then, it’s process optimization for our team members who do the hiring. Did you conduct at least five interviews today? Everybody has a baseline metric that they follow. 

Again, our team is entrepreneurial, passionate, and has incredible energy at its core. If you look at me, I’m jumping out of my chair here with energy, enthusiasm, and passion. My team matches that energy and are hard worker. 

The Patriots have something they call the Patriots Way to get great passionate people, who are super talented, and then they come into their system, which works to achieve results. Our approach is similar, and it’s what contributes to our team being so strong and able to hire people so efficiently for our clients. 

In Closing

When selecting a hiring partner, it is important to be mindful of the strength of the team that will be supporting you. Is the team aligned around an explicitly defined, vetted methodology? Do they have the expertise to understand your business? Do they have happy, long-standing clients? Make sure you consider the makeup of your recruiting team to better ensure your results.

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