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If It Wasn't For SaaS Talent Our SaaS Company Would Be Out Of Business

SaaS Talent helps SaaS and Hi-Tech companies with hiring, recruiting, and growth. This story from one of our SaaS clients explains our value proposition.

PhillyTech SaaS Value Proposition

SaaS Talent is one of the only hiring and recruiting agencies based in the United States (Philadelphia, PA) that gives SaaS and Hi-Tech companies the flexibility to bring in talent in the US and Latin America (LATAM). Set up a Free Consultation with us by tapping in the upper right corner of the screen.

We were speaking with one of our SaaS clients last week and out of the blue the Founder-CEO said to us, "If it wasn't for SaaS Talent our company would be out of business."  

This was one of the most amazing quotes that we ever heard from a client and it's the main reason why we work so hard every day. We feel we're the best company to help an early and growth-stage SaaS company succeed.

When this Founder-CEO originally came to us he lost his CTO and needed immediate help with technology direction, software engineering, sales, lead generation, customer success, and funding. 

We immediately went into action and brought in new technology leadership, a senior software engineer in Latin America, started training the sales team, assisted in building a lead generation system, executed a customer success program, and provided funding expertise. 

We worked diligently to solve all of the Founder-CEO's challenges and helped his company build a solid foundation for the future. The engineering team in the US and Latin America grew to better support their clients, we hired a salesperson for them, revenue grew, customers were very happy, they received additional funding and the business turned around. 

It's extremely satisfying when one of our SaaS clients goes from rock bottom to top of the mountain. This is why we're here. 

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Michael C. Bertoni is the founder and CEO of PhillyTech (SaaS Talent). He’s focused on helping SaaS and Hi-Tech companies hire talent in the United States and Latin America. He has 22,000+ LinkedIn 1st connections and uses these connections to help you hire talent, generate leads, get funding, and drive growth within your organization. Connect with him on LinkedIn or set up a meeting with him using the calendar below.

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