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SaaS Talent Matrix: 15 Categories That Teach You How To Succeed

PhillyTech (SaaS Talent) is focused on SaaS and Hi-Tech hiring. The SaaS Talent Matrix (STM) is 15 categories of talent that teaches you how to succeed.

PhillyTech (re-branding to SaaS Talent) is one of the only recruiting and hiring agencies based in the United States (Philadelphia, PA) that gives SaaS and Hi-Tech companies the flexibility to bring in talent in the United States and Latin America (LATAM). Set up a Free Consultation with us by tapping in the upper right corner of the screen.

It’s our vision to be the #1 resource for SaaS and Hi-Tech Talent.

Our mission is to teach SaaS & Hi-Tech businesses the STM value proposition and help you assess and execute your talent goals.

Do you want your SaaS or Hi-Tech company to succeed or fail? 

If you want to succeed, you need to assess yourself against the 15 categories of SaaS Talent that make up the SaaS-Talent Matrix (STM), understand the value proposition, and execute your talent goals.

The STM encompasses your own talent and the talent of all the people who work with you to drive the ultimate success or failure of your company.

These 15 categories below of SaaS Talent should be looked at strategically in 5 ways:

1- Understand the categories and what they mean for a SaaS company.

2- Assess where you are weak, average, good, and strong in the categories.

3-  Understand what you should be hiring and outsourcing in the categories.

4- Be thinking about your Ideal Candidate Profile (ICP) for each of the categories.

5- Understand that ICP for a SaaS company means not only great talent but talent with SaaS domain experience and talent with SaaS domain experience specific to your tech vertical (MarTech, AdTech, FinTech, SalesTech, SupplyChainTech, HealthTech, etc.).



Michael C. Bertoni is the founder and CEO of PhillyTech (SaaS Talent). He’s focused on helping SaaS and Hi-Tech companies hire talent in the United States and Latin America. He has 22,000+ LinkedIn 1st connections and uses these connections to help you hire talent, generate leads, get funding, and drive growth within your organization. Connect with him on LinkedIn or set up a meeting using the calendar below.

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