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Why Your SaaS Company Needs an Executive Assistant

SaaS Founders are constantly overwhelmed with tasks. The Recruiting Agency SaaS Talent has an Executive Assistant (EA) service to solve the problem.

What’s One of the Biggest Challenges SaaS Founders Face?

SaaS Founders are constantly overwhelmed with tasks they shouldn’t be doing. Time lost in non-core activities and completing tasks that aren’t worth their time steal focus away from revenue-generating activities.

Here are examples of things that aren’t worth a SaaS executive's time - Managing email and LinkedIn inbox, responding to emails, doing LinkedIn posts, paying an invoice, setting up meetings, following up with team members on tasks, overseeing small projects, lead generation, recruiting and doing marketing tasks.

What’s the Solution?

You need an Executive Assistant (EA) that understands how to work with a SaaS and Tech Startup, but more importantly, they need to have the experience and training on a proven EA framework that delivers results.

SaaS Talent delivers this solution for their clients and designed the proven framework outlined below.

Core Daily Activities
- Daily Standup Meeting
- Inbox (Email and LinkedIn)
- Calendar (Prepare for and Set up Meetings)

Task Framework (Offload Tasks)
- Marketing (ie. Social Media Posts)
- HR / People (ie. Helping onboard someone)
- Finance (ie. Paying an Invoice)
- Sales (ie. Follow ups, Account Management, Set up meetings)
- Operations (ie. Creating Process documentation)

What are the Benefits and Value Proposition?

👉 Massive Productivity Increases - 40-50+ hours a week to be exact
👉 Focus on superpowers and what you love doing (ie. sales, technology, etc)
👉 Spend more time with loved ones. Feel great about going for a hike or bike.
👉 Get time back. Get your back!


SaaS Talent is a recruiting agency that's focused on the needs of SaaS companies and tech startups. If you would like to learn more, set up a Free Strategy Session with us here or set up a meeting using the calendar below.



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